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Beach-goers and Southern charmers fall for the quaint Bay St. Louis everytime they stroll through downtown. This small town of nearly 10,000 has everything of a larger town, but with so much appeal it’s bursting at the seams. Located a simple 90 miles east of New Orleans, it also acts as a getaway for those looking to slow things down.

Old downtown’s quirky and easy style attracts people far and wide for festivals, shopping and delicious food. The community boasts a colorful atmosphere, with craftsman cottages showcasing art galleries and perhaps a yoga studio. People who live in Bay St. Louis are proud of their little town, and many are very active in giving back to their beloved home. It often comes as a surprise to people how small Bay St. Louis is given that there is so much to do.

After grabbing a bite downtown at one of the many eateries, the beach acts as a great escape. The white, sandy beaches are hard to ignore, drawing crowds from all along Beach Boulevard. For those looking to buy a home in Bay St. Louis, they benefit from being close to the beach no matter where in town they are looking. And if walking/biking is important, many of the town’s festivities are a quick pedal away. Newcomers love the friendly setting on a Saturday walk or bike ride through town, if not just to look at how others have decorated their home.

‘The Bay’ - as natives call it - is also desirable for its location. It is a short distance to Louisiana, while also bringing you closer to the many activities along the coast. If a night at the casino or a show are what you’re after, residents only need to take a mere 20 minute drive. Not that many will want to leave this quaint oasis.

Buying a home in Bay St. Louis is extremely desirable for those who have gotten a taste of its lifestyle. As more people discover its beauty, the better the idea it is to buy. If you or someone you know needs assistance in buying or selling a home in Bay St. Louis, contact me - Emanuel Fenech - at

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