Marketing your real estate listings has emerged as a new challenge in the current times, especially to first time property buyers. There is more reliance on various digital channels to get traction and boost up the perceived value of your property. 

If you are a seller planning to sell your property and thinking to maximize your net proceeds, you have come to the right place. In this post, we are going to discuss 9 new age ways to market your listings using internet marketing. These methods are highly quantifiable unlike the traditional methods that allow you to understand a lot more about buyers and also implement changes from the insights.

If you are planning to hire an agent to market your property and get you a higher net proceeds, you can cross check with this list if they possess experience with the following. 

Include Details in the MLS Listings 

Including pictures and details in a MLS listing is a good way to advertise a property for sale. Photos can make potential buyers more interested in a property, while details can inform prospective clients about the property’s features.

Photos and videos give potential buyers a virtual tour of the property for sale, making them more likely to schedule an appointment to see it in person.

Including photos, videos, and other lifestyle information helps sellers gain access to more qualified leads from buyers who are looking for their kind of home or property size. Since MLS is the prime source of real estate lead generation, they better be done right. 

Content Marketing for Listings

As a real estate agent, you need to know how to market your listings. It is important that you create content and make sure that it matches the search and browsing behaviors of potential buyers.

Content marketing for property listing includes:

  • Listing descriptions: You need to make sure that the description of the property is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Video walkthroughs: You can use video walkthroughs to give prospective buyers a better sense of what the property looks like before they visit it in person.
  • Property tours: Property tours are another way for real estate agents to show off their listings. Prospective buyers can use these videos to get a better idea of what it feels like inside the home or apartment before visiting in person.

Keyword Optimization for Listings

Keyword Optimization is a way to increase visibility of a website to potential customers by scoring high in the SEO department. This is done by using keyword phrases within the content that reflects what the person is looking for.

When it comes to optimizing properties for advertising, there are a few things that you should take into account. The keywords should be specific and cover as many different variations as possible. Keywords should match both the context and intent of the viewer.

People use search engines either because they have a general idea or because they have an exact idea of what they want to find. It's always best to take into consideration how people will search for your property listings and then optimize them accordingly.

Custom Landing Pages for Listings

Real estate is a competitive industry. The property listings are often the only chance for the potential buyers to see what the house looks like. An effective landing page can increase the conversion rate significantly by providing more information about your property.

A custom landing page can be built for every listing on your real estate website, where you can introduce the benefits of your listing and show how it will fit into their lives. It can also be used to answer questions that may come up when you are trying to buy or sell a home, such as how long does it take to close? And what guarantees do you offer?

This allows individuals who are considering buying or selling real estate to get all of their questions answered by simply following one link.

High-quality Listing Pictures for Real Estate Listings

Listings with high-quality, descriptive photos lead to faster home sales, as well as a lower cost per lead.

To create those high-quality listing pictures for your real estate listings, here are the steps:

  • Shoot from the ground up and avoid shooting up at the sky or down at the ground
  • Make sure to take shots of both exterior and interior. The interior should show off each room in a way that reflects what it looks like to walk through it. It should also show any unique features of the home such as a remodeled kitchen or backyard pool
  • Detail shots such as window screens and sinks can be included for homes that are still occupied.

Feature Important Property Listing on the Home Page

There are many ways to promote your property. One of the most popular is listing it on the home page.

The home page is one of the first pages that a potential buyer will visit. It has the potential to capture buyers’ attention and make them want to learn more about your property. But how do you make sure you stand out and get noticed among all other listings?

Make sure that your property is listed with as many keywords as possible. This way, when people search for specific areas or they search by keyword, your listing will be found and increase traffic to your site.

Video Marketing for Listings 

Video marketing of property listings is a powerful tool for real estate companies to connect with people in their target audience. Videos can be used for anything from tours of the house to video testimonials of families who have lived in it.

The power of video marketing is that you can use it on your website, on your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and even post them on YouTube. Depending on what you're trying to get people to do, videos are an excellent way to do that.

Social Media Marketing for Listings 

Social media Marketing has become an integral part of marketing and advertising, as it is a great tool for reaching the target audience.

Social media Marketing, especially facebook ads for real estate to market real estate listings is not a new concept; but with the advent of new technologies and increased internet penetration, it has now assumed unprecedented significance.

It is advisable for real estate agents to make use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote their listings. It also provides the agents with the opportunity to reach out to potential customers who are geographically distant from them.

They can also take advantage of other features like geo-tagging, location-based searches, hashtags, etc., which make social media marketing even more powerful.

Google Ads to Market Property Listings

Google ads are an effective way to market property listings because they are targeted based on the user’s location.Google ads for property listings can be targeted to people who are close to the property listing.

This is done by using Google's location targeting feature that allows advertisers to advertise their products or services in a specific area or radius around a set point. Advertisers can choose the radius in kilometers or miles, and Google will show the ad only for searchers within that radius. This means that advertisers can target their ads geographically, promoting them to specific areas without worrying about being shown everywhere else.